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Drug Addicted Children Documentary

Drug Treatment

Drug Addicted Children Documentary

Kabul is known to the world as a place of checkpoints and suicide bombs but it's a city with a hidden side when West couple in one of the poorest parts of the city on the highest way it's one employment I'd been told something was happening here that until recently was unknown in Kabul hundreds of addicts gathering to buy and take drugs we've heard that the spot is under the

bridge here right this is the bridge and there's a really really bad stench the dried riverbed here full of rubbish I love me either oh wow look at the scene there are a few hundred men here crouched among the rubbish and looking at the floor it's just full of needles and you can see people using all around me the men were happy to talk to me they told me that over 600 addicts use

drugs here every day and there are over 20 spots like this throughout the city Jane she s the father McCarney I had a winter yard her doing the gentleman here says everybody here is taking heroin the UN estimates that 8 percent of the adult population has a drug problem but the men told me of a new development every day more and more young boys were turning up under the bridge and they were all

addicts they called one boy over abraham is only 15 he'd been smoking heroin since he was 13 how many of your friends take drugs - everything says that five of his friends who are the same age as him 15 are using drugs here from Bertrand Ola he said he suffered from depression oh yeah Claude ever ahim says he started taking drugs with both his parents were killed eight years ago in the war

in bombings other boys arrived to speak to me the stories they told were of lives and families torn apart by the war Najib is 16 and started using heroin when he was just 12 years old Jib says that most of his friends used drugs yeah they start younger they start from 11 years old over the last eight years drug cartels have started to refine their vast opium poppy harvests into heroin a more addictive

and profitable drug now the Afghan street price for powder as it's known is the cheapest in the world some of the men under the bridge said that boys hang out on top of the bridge here we met another young addict 15 year-old Ally who'd been using heroin for the past two years ally says he's brought his drugs and now he's gonna go and do them somewhere else Ali's mother was dead and his

father had fled to Iran he took me to where he was now sleeping rough in a little Park on a traffic island alley preferred smoking away from the squalor under the bridge he bought a rap of heroin about a gram for just over 1 pound I wanted to know why he was so heavily addicted at such a young age to trot I've come but first he'd witnessed a suicide bomb in Kabul then he

went to stay with relatives in the countryside he says while he was there the Americans bombed his village the dozens of people died he saw bodies scattered everywhere he and other villagers had to pick up the bits of bloody and put them in plastic bags I knew I started to go to the setup your damned neon alley said the law in Afghanistan breaks his heart so but I'd rather not live and live

through this war sometimes I just want to kill myself the psychological damage of the war and the flood of cheap heroin have contributed to addiction rates doubling in the last five years we were told that the problem was so severe among the child population that some were taking desperate measures to fund their habits one child agreed to meet us at a safe house and asked for his identity not to be revealed Mukhtar is 13

years old and started taking heroin after his parents were killed by shelling in the city yeah as allows allah-allah hang he explained how he came into contact with the drug from the age of 8 years old he used to be paid money by drug addicts to guard them when they were doing their drugs larger or older that's good in the home art he started to smoke when he was 9 and soon he

was struggling to feed his habit but uh how do you earn the money for drugs Isiah heard that I'm all along and then oh no was I doing good he pays for heroin by working as a child prostitute look ty says there's a man who looks after me I stay with him at night and that's how I get money for drugs at 9 years old did you know what was happening to you

did you know what sex was our Linh neva yeah Mukhtar said had learnt about prostitution from other users he says that children are selling their bodies here because there are no jobs there's no work many of them addicted what would happen to you if people knew I tried that I calm aphasia really ideal he told me that homosexual relationships and prostitution are taboo in Afghanistan they're looked upon very badly and if you're caught

you could be shot dead while I had met child addicts from broken families on the street I was told there was also an increasing hidden epidemic affecting parents and children in their homes so we're going to meet a group of doctors and social workers if you make home visits in the old city center of Kabul in this deeply conservative society drug addiction is seen as a dishonor so the knee-jerk medical team have to visit families

who are too ashamed to seek help dr. Shin Ketchum are living in care i asked dr. shin chi minh a while how bad the drug situation was among families here modesta father microrna he meant that in this area there are about 130 thousand families and she says that 60% of them are addicted to drugs here dr. Shinkai said many men had picked up their addictions working in neighboring Iran and Pakistan the men used

drugs as a stimulant to help them work longer hours he may have just arrived to the family were first family were visiting in the last few years workers have started to return home bringing their habits with them Karim as husband was one of them he'd now passed on his addiction to his entire family got any make on viruses she's got six children and she pointed to this little girl here and says that her

14 year old girl who smokes opium and she just showed me a little stash of opium heroin Keshe wizzy Seba farmer says she smoked opium every day three times a day according to the UN half of all drug users in Afghanistan give opium to their children what it is talking with local court is that the door never going to come very nervous I love scaring my road involved in drug addiction with these how we

have to stop filming we have to leave we've got to put the camera down that just goes to show what a sensitive subject drug addiction can be in this country an angry group of locals have gathered in front of the house they were demanding to know where the doctors and social workers with doing it and we had to sneak out the back of the house but the doctor told us to get

out the area as soon as possible because situations like that can easily escalate we just spoke to the doctors and they told us that they've made it back here to the center I hope that I get a heart doctor Shinkai said that drugs are haraam or forbidden in Islam yes Ausmus the doctor says that there's very dangerous work they're doing that their team is frequently attacked they've had stones thrown at them and they've

even been beaten up what's that's nae it shines upon Zell watch are those she said more and more children becoming addicted because the country is awash with heroin and opium the doctor says if the government doesn't do anything about this situation Afghanistan is going to face another disaster I was about to discover another reason why drug addiction is destroying Afghanistan's children hundreds of thousands of Afghans about to flee their homes because of fighting in the south of

the country many have come here to control and the living in makeshift shanty town scattered across the city the child hiya amber camp is home to over 5,000 people who are fled fighting in Helmand province most have no access to hospitals or schools good meet a man from a charity called Oceania that provides basic services for the refugee camp he's going to take me and introduced me to some families Salam alaikum Salam alaikum

no ma'am and allow me to have my second is Ebola Oh baka very keen me Janki Sierra Sargodha systemic acid Najibullah said there were many child addicts here and not just for psychological reasons once again the war was to blame he says many of the children here have lost limbs because of the war they've been severely affected by what's happened to them and they're very poor and they've got no money for medicine well

then walk thank you washing anyone he introduced me to Zeri man who was hooked on opium Michael that's fucking about you guys what this little girl is three years old and you can see that she's lost her arms I'm bad Pasolini good kid that's your jungle day I hope you're kidding her brother told me that their village had been attacked I was fighting between insurgents and the government and then all of a sudden

everything in sight was bombed they didn't care whether they were enemy or not been bombed all the civilians and that's when his little sister lost her arm one of the jungle knows that there was younger therefore Takano no I'm messing with you anyway her father Mira John said he had no option but to give his little girl opium he says I couldn't get to a doctor there was no medicine what could I

do war that since then Mira John had tried to stop giving her opium but she'd suffered severe withdrawal symptoms notice the manubrium boom okay this Vietnam documentary TV Merrigan when he thinks Zara will stop taking opium and he just said simply well I'll have to give her opium because she's an addict Najibullah took us to meet another family salam alikom gajam air is also addicted to opium her father told me what happened side columns to show

us his ten-year-old daughter here a bomb hit their house during fighting he lost four of his children two of his children were badly injured including gorgeou Martinez thank you well that the hell man ha ha ha well no one woman what broad walk us up there had been no doctors in the village to help this little girl's arm wasn't completely amputated and there was a local man in the village that knew something of

medicine had to amputate her arm and you can imagine the pain she must have been in that had happened two years ago and she was still in pain now opium was part of her daily life massage what is the word he says that he doesn't have much money but he still has to give his daughter opium and he says that opium will much cheaper than the painkiller that you get in a

chemistry set different you just need a tiny little bit of opium to ease the pain that's very strong the families I met were left to fend for themselves government doctors rarely come to the camp and to few aid agencies are equipped to deal with child addicts I wanted to find out the extent of drug use outside the capital we had at 300 miles north to Badakhshan one of the most remote and poorest areas

of Afghanistan you can see just how isolated this area is the last five hours were being driving or barely passed a couple of cars every now and again you can see a village dotted in the mountains and for six months a year most of this area is completely cut off from the outside world when it snows during winter criminal cartels insurgent groups and corrupt government officials reportedly smuggle a quarter of all Afghan heroin through

these valleys into neighboring countries the province also used to be one of the main opium poppy growing areas until an attempted eradication campaign we went to a former opium farming village Russ rock to find out what had happened since then salam alayka cosa and Romita has muscular dead whores or challenger who slaughter their Patiala chief tiberg told me there were 400 people in his village and now all of them used opium he says

we've got so many problems in this village but our biggest problem is drugs we've got so many villagers who are addicted men women and even the children of average are all addicted to drugs we were taken to meet a family Salaam aleykum Selam aleykum nama Madhumita Hirst Roman mythology filled Talib Shah and his wife Mary Nagar told me out of their six children three of them were opium addicts eleven-year-old sanguine Mahmoud had been smoking

the drug since he was three years old soon as his dad said it's time to smoke he jumped at me exactly what to do he just put his head on the pillow and he lay down here and he's just waiting for his dad to give him opium Talib char explained his son has to smoke three times a day otherwise he suffers from painful withdrawal symptoms - buzzing Makani Babbage our conduct I'm just

talking to thank him I'm at and it's very sad because he's just little boy he's just out of it he's talking to me in a whisper you just saw and he says that when he doesn't smoke he feels real pain and I asked him do you ever go out and play with the kids play with other kids and he said no no I'm just in pain when I'm even a dozen you know

Mary Nagar originally gave her some opium to cure a stomachache but now the family take the drug for a very different reason Mary Nagar says there's not enough food to feed the whole family and when you smoke opium you lose your appetite why don't you spend your money on food rather than opium my sob humbly the son must have another Talib Shah said food was more expensive than opium behind not to feed the

whole family for a day costs about three pounds but to buy about this much opium which lasts a day costs about two pounds and when they take this they feel less hungry so they eat less do you have food in the house now Maryna guy just brought me over to show me what food they've got to eat tonight there's this flask of tea and just these two pieces of dried old bread

and this is to feed nine people in this family I really could look that see Mary Naggar saying this bread is all we've got we've got nothing no meat no fruit no vegetables eat hichy nothing Paul I'm sorry because I stutter you customers of yours enemies outside Joe Beck said they used to make enough money from growing opium to buy food but since the government destroyed their opium crops they had lost their livelihoods along

with not being able to provide themselves with food he said they no longer could afford basic medicine opium here is the answer to everything they rely on drug dealers that come round from village to village he says selling the drugs and they service the whole area very chars and you get aankhen under house get you flowing more my fella wake up Joe I beg said what worried him the most was the rising number of

child addicts in the village the chief said it will be a disaster if the children of the village are not treated for drug addiction access to drug rehabilitation in Afghanistan is severely limited there's only one Center in Kabul that helps children funded by the US State Department Sangha Oh Maj was originally set up to treat women but recently patients were turning up with their children who were also addicts there's only room for 20 children for

the first part of the treatment they're forced off the drugs a process known as cold turkey this causes excruciating headaches joint pain vomiting and shivering I was taken to see a new arrival nine-year-old calendar this little boy has just arrived today today it will be his first day detox birthday overdraw and he's addicted to opium and you can see he doesn't look very happy doesn't look very well and you can see it in

his eyes the children here were at varying stages of their 45 day treatment most of them were from poor families his parents had heard of the center through word-of-mouth I'd wanna go check that Jeep chairman Chancellor that's under huh your brother Austin uh-huh you're afraid I'm Stephanie with her teachers just been going along the road children telling me how all these children are what they're addicted to all of these are the children in this

though are addicted to heroin it's just incredible they're so young it's hard to believe that we're in a room full of drug addicts and they're all toddlers and Tiny's many children I spoke to some of the children about their experience these little boys are in detox right now it's only their third day yeah here chance' I asked five-year-old yeah yeah if he knew why he was here yeah yeah buddy yeah he'll said that I'm here

to kick the habit because I'm on powder he means heroin they don't what would you do go guys I don't necessarily like you know what Rolla explained why his little brother had been taught to smoke heroin he says that he was given it because he had toothache he says that his addiction got so bad that he'd cry when he didn't have it and he'd start chewing old bags of heroin faster banana twelve-year-old chairman

became addicted by inhaling her father's heroin smoke well I asked her if giving up was hard and she said it was really hard it took a week and the whole of my body burnt and ached his son Terry Judge Richard Center from Arizona said beau was one of the doctors Latifah hamidi said in the past two years they'd been a 60% increase in the number of child addicts turning up she told me

the future of the country was at stake the doctor says there's going to be a generation of drug addicts that need help that aren't going to be able to work chiman was at the end of her treatment and was now being allowed to return home her mother Lela had come to pick her up you can see that chairman is smiling now she was crying when she left the center that's because she's just

found out that her father's not home Sherman's father became addicted to heroin while working in Iran when he smoked at home drug dependency spread through the family even Chairman's one-and-a-half year old brother was affected guru blue one Leila told me chairman had already completed rehab once before but it had failed she went first of all when the whole family went but she was affected by it yet again when Leila's husband returned chairman and her

family appear to be stuck in a vicious cycle they know that when the father returns they'll become addict again more yeah na Mohammad Adam that I'm not a good person well chairman wishes for in her futures that her father stops using heroin she says I just want him to get better UK aid to Afghanistan is being increased by 40 percent none of it is currently dedicated to any drug treatment programs while the world's focus

is on the fight against the Taliban Afghanistan is being consumed from within by an equally serious and long-term threat if you want to find out more about drug addiction in Afghanistan or any other issue covered on unreported world please visit our website a channel for calm

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs8pgajK-nc

Drug Treatment
Drug Addicted Children DocumentaryKabul is known to the world as a place of checkpoints and suicide bombs but it's a city with a hidden side when West couple in one of the poorest parts of the city on the highest way it's one employment I'd been told something was happening here that until recently was unknown in Kabul hundreds of addicts gathering to buy and take drugs we've heard that the spot is unde...