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Alcohol - Drugged High On Alcohol Full Documentary - Alcoholism

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Alcohol - Drugged High On Alcohol Full Documentary - Alcoholism

I need a drink four dollars right now we save my life and stop me from having seizure I am dead scared a dead sober I'm bad and not drinking for what love more that I usually don't and it's right there at the store I apologize you guys I can't even focus or think or even understand anything for the past three years Brian's been drinking three pints of vodka a day

it says if I have some horrible horrible disease that is deadly and I am very very badly infected with it the serum the cure is simply at the store it's for bugs it's right there I just need to be the store right now I don't think anybody understands how bad I need this cure now he's in desperate need of a fix he hasn't had any alcohol for eight hours my allowance is ten bucks

a day from my grandfather here I go I got a golden ticket I'm an average Jade I'll get three pints of vodka yes please bitch Thank you very I'm about to stop feeling like the world is ending and everything is horrible like it feels right now but it's simply consuming a little bit of this which I do win that's it this car Brian that damn it if you made me so mad

you're drinking in the car Ryan yep shit that damn thing after put it away the most abused drug in the United States but scientists are just beginning to understand how alcohol addiction really works for addicts like Ryan the body can become so physically dependent on the substance that they can literally die without it I don't think anybody understands how badly I need this how much better I will feel and how much one minute means

a lot to me at the moment all right when I drink my vodka take three shots in less than 10 seconds Bam Bam Bam whoo all right all right oh hi where am I what's up guys who okay I'm feeling better I'm feeling the burn as someone told me one day it's like a warm hug from a bear on it like cold night that burn in your chest it's the answer it's evil and

it's reminding me that yeah I'm this battle's bitch basically I'll do anything for it the first impact of alcohol is rapid within 90 seconds of entering the bloodstream the swig reaches the brain there it increases the firing rate of pleasure chemicals like dopamine and endorphins the effect that provides the high but when there's an excessive intake like Ryan's it triggers the poison control cells in his brain telling his body to stop any more alcohol

from entering his bloodstream the body goes into defense mode his diaphragm contracts sharply downwards his abdominal muscles squeeze his stomach anything to reject the alcohol that more Nathan show up aa recurring vomitings not just unpleasant it's often a sign of damage to the major organs like the liver or the pancreas I keep camera do you want to die right are you gonna die you're on the right track just keep it up keep it

up but Ryan is trying to make a change he's agreed to undergo a series of tests to determine the damage alcohol has done to his body my biggest fears of the results of a physical exam is that Ryan's gonna have extensive damage I am actually pretty terrified about that have been pretty well stone sober I'm gonna get outta here get him that way yet three days from now Ryan will travel to a medical

facility in Dallas Texas to see if the damage can be reversed if his life can be safe I'm gonna be very scared when I get the physical exam in Dallas I'm sure your loved one's wrong with me okay after seeing the exam results Ryan will be offered 90 days free rehab to become clean and sober this could be his last chance here I go I'm gonna get a lot of very good professional

help I don't take it all how do people become addicted in Ryan's case the odds were against him Ryan's father Tim had a problem with alcohol and we live pretty much a really volatile life the children of alcoholics are four times more likely to become alcoholics themselves my dad used to be very violent I get my in my smacking smile weapons and it was always my fault and I understood he said I

trained you better boy and comb your hair my father was schizophrenic very bad Tim would change at the drop of a hat you never saw it coming I've seen some scary things he had my mother against the front door with a knife to her neck when Ryan was a teenager he began abusing drugs and alcohol when he was 24 his father died that's when he began to spin out of control after Tim

died that's when you saw him as a full blown totally destroyed alcoholic today Ryan lives with his grandfather they always says you don't give drunk money you don't give drunks liquor but what are you gonna do if I didn't care for him I wouldn't even show him any sympathy I wouldn't have him in the house why do I do it I guess I would love and I'm gonna try to get half of that bottle

well no no no don't do that for me this is the first thing he'll be bugging for in morning I'm giving him his part of the drink here so he don't get too much and I saved the rest for them in the morning he'll tear the house apart looking far so I hide it real good grandpa Bob knows the dangers of too much drinking that's all you get tonight what's half my

mind poured out too much alcohol at one time be lethal the brains automatic survival system gets overwhelmed it just shuts down the brain stops sending signals to the lungs so they stop breathing the throat stops working the gag reflex isn't triggered when the airway becomes blocked a person can choke on his own vomit or suffocate even when he's asleep the threat of death hangs over every alcoholic ryan's killing himself and ryan knows he's doing

it I want him in a program he went to a 30-day program but he just went back to drinking again Ryan needs to be put in rehab but he needs to be put in one that is longer than 30 days 30 days will not carry my biggest fear is he's going to be found in the street it's two days before Ryan's physical exam but right now all he wants is a drink

he's hoping his brother Jason will get him one hey um can I get out right here no can I please get myself a drink I can go and I can get your soda of course I can go in there in a soda that would be wonderful try we'll go chase down with fanatic like Ryan the lack of alcohol have its own hazardous effect a potentially dangerous withdrawal okay it hurts me bro you could

have turned around when we were back there I'm such a I'm so in a hurry and so ready to have that drink times now stranded and sick and I positively asked the absence of liquor can send the alcoholics body into shock a destabilized nervous system creates uncontrollable tremors in the muscles the body's thermostat can malfunction with temperatures skyrocketing the heart muscle struggles to maintain a regular rhythm the most extreme cases of withdrawal can lead

to a seizure or fatal heart attack it's hard to see my brother like this my brother needs a bottle in his hand to function through everyday life Kasturi sir it is this is leaking right here are you trying to make you sick Ryan is drinking way too much giving him another drink while I heard him in the long run I personally couldn't do that without a guilty conscience something growing up with Ryan Ryan

was always the leader we always followed suit right after him he wants to protect her who do the schools before us and before he leaves the school we'd be by the way this manga brother please protect him all right Pepsi stopping drinking lady ro stop right Ryan it is hard it really is to see your brother throwing the tantrum like a child yeah okay for my stroke sorry yo I need to go fix

myself I'm very far away from life my life a big old model that IO had then I turned in six livery Jason hopes the depriving Ryan of alcohol will push his brother to get sober but he doesn't realize is just how risky and extended withdrawal can be for the true alcoholic this damn neighborhood right here well I keep I can get lost in it like a jungle from he's three or four or

five days and stay very not sober and very happy I really want my brother to go to rehab having fun let's go everybody she is doing now in a rehab facility withdrawal is tightly controlled with medication but here at home Ryan is no safe way to wean himself off alcohol you know you could help me row really honestly why didn't you do that good really man why it's still desperately craving alcohol Ryan's hoping his

ex-girlfriend chalene will provide him with a pint I'd say I don't care how much fag do you have I'm worried about how much I have and you know how much you have how would I know but you don't know how much I haven't you don't need to ironically the very thing that poisons the alcoholics body may be keeping him from dying with a serious alcoholic you have to understand that his withdrawal can

lead to death I am in need of a drink yeah do you know that three beans makes a good day for me comfortably when an alcoholic like Ryan stops drinking withdrawal symptoms can be hard to fight body tremors or high fever can begin in as little as five hours I appreciate anything yet bangers in that choosers let me see your hands weapons so I very closely monitor the amount of alcohol I give him

that's why I'm constantly checking his hands and how his hands are shaking if I hadn't had a drink in my body for a little bit of a long time I definitely get very shaky sweaty cold and dizzy drink hey Mary I thought I knew what addiction was I didn't know that alcohol is so hard for people to kick once you get into it a lot and as booze and who to guessed it

the one that's legal it's a razor-sharp fine line because I don't want him to go into a seizure I do think I'm using it medically I do know that I'm very low without it all the members of Ryan's family want to be sure he's sober enough to make it to the upcoming medical tests but they don't all see eye to eye on how to make that happen the biggest enabler right now in Ryan's

life is grandpa Bob Bob loves Ryan I think in his own way he's protecting him he may think he's helping but he really he's destroying him and in my mind he's actually slowly killing him all I'm asking is please say no well exactly damn you beauty you keep interfering with everything I will not be dictated to we're not dictated well I'm kind of pissed off we in the fight sometimes she's trying to do her

best but I think Jenny's probably a little too strict with me so now you're all say that okay all right if all of us love Ryan this much then let's all work to get Ryan on the right path that means wait wait that means everyone working as a team keep diggin you're cruel to that boy I didn't realize what a cruel man you for what you've done and done enough you're no longer

needed alcoholism doesn't just affect Ryan it affects all of us we're all devastated and destroyed by Ryan we all don't know how to handle it I hope you choke on the rest of what's left of your heart old man if all goes well Ryan will be leaving for Dallas in a day to begin the physical exam but will the testing motivate him to take the difficult step and get into rehab my brother needs

to get away from everything disconnect himself from every last person including myself and finally turn his life around there's only one day left until ride is scheduled to go to Dallas for medical tests you gotta eat something No you have an aide all day but Ryan is facing some real problems chronic alcohol abuse damages the digestive system making it extremely painful sweet I don't enjoy food that much at all because people always want me to

eat they force-feed me to eat I feel better if you eat something it's not what I do I don't eat I drink sigh like all alcoholics Ryan is compelled to keep drinking because the delicate balance of chemicals in the brain has shifted to compensate for the daily onslaught of liquor as it compensates for daily doses of liquor the brain becomes hardwired to expect alcohol in order to achieve chemical stability so the alcoholic can feel

more it's up there at map target it's packaged in one bottle and is cheap blink-blink blink-blink instant gratification too much is never enough instant dirtbag combined a model to keep Ryan focused before he leaves grandpa Bob is dropping them off to visit some friends they want to make sure Ryan follows through with the medical testing and gets it a rehab I enjoy my friends they're very good people who come with you I know

they're very upset with me and of my alcoholism ah is that your first time yeah indeed what's your biggest fear about getting sober um sobriety I don't I'm not into it beautiful try for like a year I'm not really ready I'm very scared Oh Thomas here I go I've forgotten what sobriety is like and I don't know who the hell I am I'm so scared of it for Ryan like all heavy drinkers the

impact of alcohol is clear today short-term it slows down brain activity causes speech to slur and can create a temporary drift in and out of consciousness the long-term potential is scarier major organs can be permanently damaged as they fight to cope with the constant flow of liquid poison around the circulatory systems the brain actually shrinks as exposure to alcohol deforms neurons and diminishes cells the heart is slowly weakened as it pumps contaminated blood around the

body and the normal digestive process of the pancreas is sent into overdrive as it struggles to cope with both food and toxins eating causes extreme pain as the organ becomes inflamed and the liver is repeatedly scarred which can lead to a total breakdown of its ability to function his obviously are now not the life of the party but usually he is and he gets along with everyone great and it sucks that I've watched

him go from the Ryan I know or they new to this he's the same age as me and I'm watching him die he's a good guy so we've all tried to help him out he's just going through something that no one has put a rein on the upcoming medical evaluation will reveal just how much damage has been done to Ryan's body Shalin has come over to take him back home Ryan needs help

to get around because of an injury that never healed a broken hip the reason why I broke my hip was because I needed to get to the liquor store I didn't have a ride I did have a bike it was very dark I know a trail through the woods I thought I was right on it well you can't walk that way I hit some sort of a log laying down okay my

handlebars turned on the log and went into my thigh and broke it at that very moment didn't know he was broken don't make me that pause on the stairs Derek instead of buying the medications I spent that on drinks he walked around anyway is there room in the stud this way Jamie I'm taking you to Grandpa's a minute a chapter for now I'll see what you mean is the most beautiful woman I've ever

met in my life inside and out the love of my life the one that got away that's who she is got it watch your hand she's smart as hell she's a firecracker she's taught me so much you're probably somewhere in between one and a half inch appoints is this about you got me sorry about that Ryan's really too much regardless of how much we love him and we all do too much for any

one of us to handle for too long the party can't really be an active role in an addicts life and not being an enabler to some degree you know it's under the guilt I don't want to be responsible for them coming home and finding him dad at the same time I don't want to be responsible for prolonging the way he's living right now and it's sorry he enabler sorry about it as we

can I am that are you ready for a nap yes yeah okay we'll go up we'll take a nap yeah come I really don't like being taken care of but sometimes all my friends know me better okay it was inside that Brian is chaotic it gets exhausting so he's very strange to me divyam and anytime I show up in Grampus I'm like oh my goodness thank gosh and Wow cool there's my old chair

there's no cute bucket um Bow Wow I'm not doing so very well I'm seeing double if you want to know the truth of course alcohols damage isn't only physical brain trauma I'm gonna stored the mind sense of reality here I come the Thompsons can break through the natural filter system in his brain and see into his brain tissue the result is psychosis hallucinations hearing voices symptoms also suffering by people with schizophrenia my Josh this is scary yes

she's there I am confused I am delirious I don't understand much I can't make four out of TwoPlusTwo I found myself one day looking for a gallon of milk in my sock drawer I know I had this verbal Eddie by the way her name's Eleanor she has no head she's purple perfectly and when she turns her neck it's quits I get very confused and you know I'll believe anything I hear voices in my

head I don't want to hear my own thoughts I don't want to be alone I'm scared I might be schizophrenic Ryan's hallucinations may be the result of the alcohol but what really scares him is that it's a sign of schizophrenia like his father he's worried what his upcoming medical tests will reveal and it's all starting tomorrow I'm scared very scared today Ryan prepares to fly to Dallas for the medical tests my fear is

that they're gonna say he's pretty much destroyed his body I am actually pretty terrified about that there's a lot of vomiting um most of the time vomiting blood he's not sure what it is but there is something leaking out of his ears he's been too scared to ask a doctor exactly what it is for the alcoholic getting sober is a delicate balancing act it can also aggravate underlying mental health issues that may have been

kept at bay by large quantities of alcohol guys I'm scared of being alone and hearing my own thoughts this is who I'm afraid of the most them myself Schilling's going with Ryan I think that we need to get ready and then in the obvious the whole family has gathered to make sure they make their flight if he says right now I want help and you don't do it right at that moment then

he could change his mind in a matter of 20 minutes her biggest fear we have is the thought that I might be left alone with myself cuz if you want to know who knows more about me and who touched mine more than anyone your head what does it tell you Harlow things like what bees in the world is nicer than I am to myself and all this judgment in my head and all

the dirt worst things I I don't want to hear mm-hmm I tell myself and I walk around rooms in circles and paste and say okay all right and okay all right okay all right okay all right and that's me accepting my own argument my own insults Who am I I couldn't tell you I just want you back that's all I want I want you back and you sound like she leaned stop all

I want is you to be happy because your smile oh my gosh that melts more hearts and you could ever imagine your smile moves mountains stop but it does that's what I see hey Brian all right okay I got it you ade you got to get back down there we've been up here a second I've been tagging let me my mama in shining her okay I would take any help I can

get right now cuz I have a lot to live for hey doing that I want to start making people proud again I want to make him smile let me ever all right his family hopes it's not too late for Ryan to turn his life around I'm praying that they're saying he's young enough that he can come through most of this come back Suleiman he might come back he might not that scares the crap

out of me I knew I'd be scared scared very much more shocked about the reality a lot the more that I thought it would be I'm really scared to know how much permanent damage has been caused my biggest fear his body just plain shutting down arriving at the Dallas hospital Ryan is set to begin 48 hours of medical tests to reveal exactly how much irreversible damage alcohol is done when I get the physical exam

in Dallas people will be like how did you let this get that bad why didn't you go to the doctor the first day that it you know that you puked blood yes Michelle hope all right more here to do a checkup right yeah the nature of alcoholism is such that you're so preoccupied with drinking too much everything falls apart if Ryan continues to drink I have no doubt that he will shorten his

life start with the left okay cuz I'm on the side dr. ho follows our Brian's report the fluid has been running out of his ears okay so it's not actually coming from inside your ear Ryan it's actually just from the crack here on the outside um which maybe I can't tell if it's a little super infected but it's it's right here on the outlet so it's nothing inside literally a good seal not

very well just I don't I remember catch him do you know why that is no please tell me it's because it's a sign of weather well you're probably not healing very well alcohol inhibits the skin's ability to repair stunted cells can't grow fast enough to cover the wound and then we didn't even talk about but what do you eat I mean what are you eating if you were nice and no one else

was around I would eat only please hey about t3 he was for just a week total you east three to four times a week yes Ryan eats just one day's worth of calories for the whole week great looking at Ryan there's no question that he's suffering from malnutrition if you look at him physically he's not healing wounds Ryan's reluctance to eat because of the pain it causes him has starved his body of the

vital nutrients it needs I'm very concerned about his poor nutritional status because he doesn't eat basically he's just drinking and I'm also concerned about his hip x-rays will pick up any injuries to his bones on closer look Ryan's hip is showing more serious damage than an unhealed fracture deposits from alcohol has strangled the blood vessels in the region the bones in the hip joint have cut off from the vital nutrients they need to

rejuvenate over years of excessive drinking the bone has begun to die it's called avascular necrosis I was really shocked at how badly his hip looked show me one watch this yeah show me with limited blood supply to Ryan's joint bone there is no hope of his hip getting better without major surgery what has to be one way one has to be the other right I'm just noticing there's basically no ball inside the socket

it's just all pulverized from that bone just pushing right up into the bone and he's walking on that truthfully when I look at Ryan and his body's just been decimated by this alcohol the real question is the condition of Ryan's internal organs and they're next on the list as the medical tests continue ryan is about to find out the damage that alcohol has done to his body and what can be done about it

my organs are shut they hurt every day I'd be weird feeling if they didn't its the organs of a chronic alcoholic that suffer the worst damage as they absorb poison 24/7 the heart is slowly weakened but the two most vulnerable organs are the pancreas and the liver the liver becomes so overloaded with alcohol that it can break down and die your liver lives over here yeah yeah yeah that's what I figured cuz I think it's

actually better good say well it's not good for your liver to be enlarged because it's stressed out you know your pancreas okay which is the yeah you know where he is yeah okay that's your pancreas and that's that pain that goes here and goes way back here that's your all and all your pancreas the pancreas is the main cause of Ryan's pain when he eats it's primary function is to release enzymes into the

small intestine to dissolve food as it passes through the digestive system but when the pancreas gets confused by the toxicity of alcohol and releases enzymes into its own tissues the organ starts to cannibalize itself causing extreme pain with Ryne I'm thinking he has chronic pancreatitis meaning that he's always got inflammation of his pancreas from the alcohol intake but I think he also suffers from bouts of acute pancreatitis on top of that which makes him

have really bad episodes of pain this is a EKG on an EKG or electrocardiogram will monitor the electrical activity in his heart any abnormalities may indicate damage to the heart muscle I'm very worried about Ryan he's already showing signs of organ damage his pancreas his liver all those things are really really bad predictors I think for his life finally after a long scary week the results are in I really don't want to hear any

bad news you know there's that constant thought in the back of my head that we don't know how much time we're really gonna have with him all right it's not very good Ryan different parts of your body are are screaming and dying your liver is suffering your pancreas is suffering when the liver quits functioning then you quit functioning it's gonna kill you I know that your life flashes before your eyes before you die well

I've seen it and it wasn't didn't take more than three seconds my whole life every single drink that you take continues to poison you I don't want somebody to walk into my house one day if I said that's the position where it it doesn't get better if you keep doing this it's not gonna get better unless you you quit drinking this could be one of your few last chances quit alcohol is the

root of my demise God will only give you so much time and then just a little bit more it's the final day of Ryan's tests this morning he'll undergo psychiatric assessment but it's going to be a challenge I'm having a pretty tough morning I found myself stranded without a drink last night because I didn't know that they stopped serving alcohol at 9:00 at the liquor stores don't start until 10:00 I'm I'm about an

hour away from Jenna clocking it's kind of waiting for the cure Ryan will be suffering withdrawal symptoms even as the doctors examine his mental health and he's concerned about what they'll find he hears things it could be the progression of schizophrenia if that's what it is um or the alcohol I know I just don't know I don't want to hear my own thoughts I don't want to be alone isolate when I get sober

I hear voices in my head hey you doing I'm dr. Hirschl nice to meet you she say hi I'm Celine Celine I see are you why won't you have a seat here Shalini you mind sitting there please take your time no rush I'm an addiction psychiatrist so I actually specialize in alcohol and drug treatment all I want to do is help you sometimes people actually have a psychiatric disorder an ongoing psychiatric disorder like depression anxiety

bipolar disorder schizophrenia it's a lot easier for an addict over and over to just use the alcohol and drugs and make themselves feel better this poses a significant challenge to recovery you are pretty pretty anxious right now you need some alcohol yeah I understand because you're shaky I excused you let me talk to Ryan for a man you can't you can go and get some of the alcohol I just want you to go

after a morning sober Ryan's in desperate need of alcohol dr. Earle has given chalene permission to get some what are the things right now besides the alcohol you're thinking something may be going on in here mm-hm myself I don't talk out loud description a yes and someone he knows me too well that is talking down to me you know in my own head I'm saying you don't matter you drunk you know I swear

you got no friends through criticizing me all the time yeah in my question of Ryan what I'm trying to do is to tease out whether his hallucinations that he's hearing are either in his head which would be self talk or are they actually auditory where they're actually hearing voices outside of his head different than those thoughts you ever hear voices talking to you at least me very well admit you know who is that

here there's it usually just talking in your head are you actually hearing it with your ears outside your head all another person made the doctor is zeroing in on a diagnosis and Ryan's happy his fix has arrived okay why don't we stop and we'll get the alcohol happy you only gotta know I have another bottle you said you wanted something to raise your pocket so you need had it on you okay exactly

when I get my hands in the bottle I know that I can track that bottle any time if I need I get more and more angry and in a hurry and rushy the closer I get to the bottle I know and you know I'm coming back many much Ryan's feeling better but now he faces the moment of truth is he in fact a schizophrenic will he have to battle to get sane as

well as sober one in Brian if you'll sit over in the end playing if you'd sit over on this side that'd be great Ryan's been wandering for years if he is schizophrenic like his father now he's about to find out I'm based on my evaluation I don't think you have schizophrenia okay that's a really positive thing for you in your life that was really really good this what I was just kidding out

of that thank you I think that he actually does not have schizophrenia because his auditory hallucinations were all in his head which I described his self-talk and we're not auditory we're here hearing voices outside of his head this is very important because if he doesn't have schizophrenia he has a much better chance of a successful sobriety would you excuse us for just a few minutes and then we'll come out is that Alright right now comes

the most important question all right so uh Brian are you willing to go to treatment to get all these tools you need to save your life you're not gonna get better on your own one thing most addicts have is an abject terror of going to treatment you feeling any of that yes you're gonna have a lot of help doing it you now come to this by yourself so you need to decide

right now whether you're willing to go to treatment yes yeah I want to do this yes okay so down I'm doing this yeah and you know come back you've been gone for a long time I can't wait to get you back here go I need myself I guess when I get out of rehab I just want to work I want to provide for my own in fact I want to provide for

others Ryan's made a bold choice but it won't be easy he's heading to a rehab facility for 90 day program yeah I come in I want amazed people let him know I'm go I was gone but here I am the first step for Ryan will be the dangerous process of details to get his body off alcohol the only question is as he left it too late are you doing I'm James I'm

Ryan that's me any smaller even with medical supervision a chronic alcoholic may be so weakened he can't cope with the removal of alcohol I was a trip um is the longfin I don't know I'm not scared it's life-changing stuff everyone thought I was right now I leave Ryan took a courageous step but 17 days into rehab he died he was only 28 years old she watch yourselves the addiction took its toll the addiction finally one Ryan's

body by all rights should have shut down a long time ago and it is only by the grace of God and an act of will on his part that he made it as long as he did we can't think of this world without you but we know you're always watching over us and loving us we miss you alcoholism is not an individual disease it's a family disease it affects every single person in

the family it's a poison it's a poison to your body it's a poison to the brain it's a poison to every part of your body that's what alcohol is a poison when you're choosing to play with alcohol and drugs you're playing Russian roulette because you don't know if that's going to get you addicted or not you you

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrTlI6seM0A

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Alcohol - Drugged High On Alcohol Full Documentary - AlcoholismI need a drink four dollars right now we save my life and stop me from having seizure I am dead scared a dead sober I'm bad and not drinking for what love more that I usually don't and it's right there at the store I apologize you guys I can't even focus or think or even understand anything ...